This is a compilation of our amazing compere Ophelia B doing what she does best. She’s been part of Pride Radio from its very beginning (over a decade ago but she won’t say which decade). She’s worked in some classy and not so classy venues across the North East with ladies’ nights, karaoke nights and being a bar DJ in all of the major Gay venues. She’s had the greatest pleasure of being part of Northern Pride, Sunderland Pride, Middlesbrough Pride and later this year will be assisting with York Pride online. She gets around !!! Most recently she has been working with some of RuPaul’s leading ladies, hosting The Vivienne and Baga Chipz’s UK, European & Alaskan tour in 2018 (She really does get around doesn’t she) She has a career history spanning over 30 years donning lovely frocks, fancy Jewells, feathers and fabulous hair and she is also the proud owner of the lifetime achievement award 2019 from the LGBT+ North East Awards. The list is endless but on posh events like this, she either drops the Balls or tucks so please welcome the Angel of the North, the Star of the North East the one and only Ophelia B I hope you enjoy Ophelia's compilation from the event. She did an amazing job. Please comment, like and subscribe to our channel.