Stream / Download: Axelle is back! Bursting onto the scene in 2020 with the summer hit Mala Leche, the even catchier follow-up is finally here in the form of ‘Si tu m’attends’. Where her debut showcased her knowledge of the Spanish language, this time around it’s French. The track sounds fresh and contemporary but will undoubtedly ring a bell for some. Si tu m’attends is in fact a reworked version of smash dance hit Walk On Water by Milk Inc. Axelle and boyfriend/producer Willem (Hush) originally covered the song for their stint at Studio Brussel’s morning show and as coincidence would have it, among the listeners that morning was a very charmed Regi Penxten (Milk Inc.). So charmed in fact, that the three of them got together in the studio to finish what is now Si tu m’attends. The translated lyrics were written by Axelle and her dad Pierre, who is a native French speaker. The duo went for a broad interpretation of the original: “The original is about a desire for love. I wanted my version to be about a desire for more than just love, a longing for hugs, parties, my friends and freedom. All things I once took for granted, but now miss and we’ve all missed for some time.” She’s not alone. For the time being Si tu m’attends can only make us dance by ourselves in our living rooms but Axelle is hungry for the big stages. With an international sound and a knack for writing catchy songs like this, one thing’s for sure: we want to party with her every better day to come!